Flip ‘n’ Wicked Gymnastics is Georgina’s first large-scale gymnastics facility. It is owned and operated by Keswick residents, Chris and Jenny Metzner. Jenny coached gymnastics in Richmond Hill and Vaughan before starting her own family and moving to Keswick. The girls, Camryn and Mackenna, both competed in gymnastics. As they moved into more elite gymnastics, we decided that it was time for Georgina to have its own gymnastics club. With a big idea and belief in us from our community, we announced the opening of Flip ‘n’ Wicked Gymnastics in September 2014!  One year later, we are 675 members strong!


Even while your child is having tons of fun at our facility, safety is foremost in the mind of each member of our staff. It is our number one priority, and we will take every measure possible to assure the security of our guests.


Staff members are carefully selected for the background and “people skills” that they bring to our environment. They must love working with children, and have the experience it takes to be a caring and understanding mentor to our athletes.


Children respond well to an enthusiastic approach, and that is our specialty! An engaging and encouraging attitude on the part of each staff member is intended to bring out the best in each child.